Gold Paydirt

Gold Paydirt

SKU: 5#Bag

Order 5 pounds of rich gold cons with plenty of fine gold to really test those panning skills! Unlike some "Goldn" sellers we actually do add pickers and smaller nuggets in random bags have a litle gold added in so I we say EVERY bag has gold, the packing process is videoed and are placed in it all bags a vaccum sealed with the customer name and address on the vaccu bag and shipped out SAFELY with plenty of tape so nothing gets busted in transit and only relying on a padded flat rate envelope's 1/4" adheasive with open corners. We had a 100% feedback on eBay from 2011-2017 until my (AUPROSPECTORS President Adam Broach) health prevented me from doing any dredging at all this year but I found my secret stash of fine gold and black sands, verry little blond sands, I had a guy stop by yesterday 12/15/2020 wanting to buy a whole 5 gallon bucket! 

  • This is for entertainment uses only!

    These bags are for raising funds for the AUPROSPECTORS, a 501(c)3 public charity and we need all the help we can get. All bags, unless stated explicitly in the listing no guaranty on amount of gold is in each bag, we try our best to dry out the dredge cons to reduce possible shipping damage and we tape all seals to give more protection, if a box is needed the cons are double bagged to prevent spillage and is tapped up so much even if a little damp cons leak out the box stays intact. Feel free to ask any questions...well any but where am I dredging! lol!! That 6" Proline necked down to a 5" nozzle is a beast!


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